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What is Ecolantis?

It is no question that the natural systems we rely upon every day are broken. The human systems of production and consumption we take part in every day are inherently at odds with the natural world. Too often the blame is placed on the under-informed, well-meaning consumer, who can’t seem to escape the constant barrage of articles and even scientific studies that make all of us feel like we are consciously deciding to destroy the planet by doing things like coming home with single-use plastic from the grocery store.

As consumers and people who care for the planet – but also need to make practical decisions in the everyday – it is hard to find actual guidance for breaking free from the broken systems that harm the planet. Article after article we are told how we are the problem without being given practical solutions to live our everyday lives in harmony with nature. Ecolantis is on a mission to change this. We need not dwell on the problem that humans are; we must realize we are the solution.

That’s where Ecolantis comes in. We are a crowd-sponsored community of people that educates others about the systems around us that are creating environmental imbalances. Not only this, but we offer and discuss a wide range of sustainable and environmentally sensible solutions for people and communities that wish to disconnect from harmful human-designed systems and turn to nature for sensible alternative designs.

We understand that humans in general have become strangers to the environment. It is time to close that gap, relearn mother nature, and live in harmony with our planet once more. We are a dynamic blog that gives you answers and solutions as we reach out to community members through speaking engagementsconsulting services, and content sharing. We also provide reviews for sustainably sourced and manufactured goods, helping you gain clarity for the so called environmentally friendly products we see around us every day. 

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Ecolantis is currently crowd sponsored and relies on support from community members like you who share our mission and vision.  Become an Ecolantian with a monthly donation to receive VIP perks and exclusive content from Ecolantis. You can read more about joining our mission here.


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