Ecolantis is a new model for a human-inclusive ecosystem. We are a sustainability guide for restructuring our lives and society in a way that is modeled after nature. We believe that we can all live harmoniously with the planet, and we know the solutions to our many environmental problems already exist in front of us in the natural world. Ecolantis is here to bring those solutions together so we can all do our part to change systems and grow a greener future.

What we do

Ecolantis educates people about the systems around us that create environmental imbalances. We offer a wide range of sustainable and environmentally sensible solutions for people and communities who want to disconnect from these harmful systems for life.

We are a community that actively works together to bring people back to the earth. Ecolantis shares original content via blog, podcast, and free webinars. We are available for speaking engagements, consulting services, as well as content sharing. If you have knowledge to share, we want to share it too; we are always looking for ways to spotlight Ecolantians doing their part for the planet.

Ecolantis is a community of people who consciously refrain from villainizing the well-meaning consumer for the negative impacts their purchasing choices and everyday activities have made on the environment, and instead provide a bird’s eye view of where and how larger production systems beyond our control are broken or missing. Ecolantis offers responsible, sustainable ways for people and communities to escape from dependency on these broken systems, returning their attention to the local natural systems that offer so much more. 

We understand that humans, in general, have become strangers to the environment and it is time that we close the gap, relearn mother nature, and live in harmony with our planet once more. 

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work together

Become a citizen

Become an Ecolantian
Ecolantis is determined to remain a grass-roots organization and rely on its patrons to grow. We have a LOT of plans for Ecolantis, especially for the next two years, and we need your help to get these things off the ground. Some of our hopeful endeavors for the near future are:

  • An upgraded website and proper server for a better blogging and networking platform
  • Starting the Ecolantis Podcast
  • Hiring a copy editor and sound designer for posted media content
  • Initiating and hosting wide-scale tree planting projects
  • Hosting an in-person Ecolantian summer retreat

Some of our dreams for the distant future include:

  • An Ecolantis Conference
  • An Ecolantis model sustainability settlement (Yes, an eco-village!)
  • Planting one billion trees in the United States

Of course, we are always listening to our readers and fellow Ecolantians. If you have a vision that matches the Ecolantian mission, share it with us! It is time to work together and pay attention/support our mother earth.

How to become a citizen of Ecolantis
You can become an official Ecolantian by becoming a monthly contributor for the cause. Pledge whatever amount you believe this cause is worth. All Ecolantians will receive a [sustainably sourced] wooden pendant signifying not only their citizenship, but their commitment to healing our planet. Ecolantians will also be able to take part in a variety of VIP perks such as:

  • Monthly Ecolantis newsletter
  • Exclusive access to the Ecolantis chatroom and various discussion forums
  • Early registration for upcoming Ecolantis retreats (coming 2020), conferences, and more
  • Exclusive progress updates for the building of Ecolantis’s very first eco-village
  • Free copy of upcoming Ecolantis eBook
  • One-time 30 minute lifestyle sustainability consultation with our founder
  • Ongoing chances to win sustainable living prize packages

If a monthly contribution is not the right match, you can also make a one time donation to Ecolantis through Paypal. No gift is too great or too small for our broken planet. Pledge whatever you believe this mission is worth and let’s work together to save this planet. Become a patron or make a donation below.

Ecolantian Core Values

Every single one of us can be an Ecolantian.  Here are our 6 core values.

  • Our best selves are healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
  • No organism is of greater or lesser value than any other. We all have a role to play in the complex web of life.
  • We (all organisms) are stronger working together, and can accomplish great things.
  • Soil-to-soil economic practices are good for people and the planet.
  • Biodynamic systems rich with biodiversity and relationships generate prosperity, security, and resiliency.

A little About Our Founder

Torin Boden is an environmental speaker, activist, and natural textile designer on a mission to make the world a greener place.  To learn more about Torin, you can check out his personal website: