Eco News Reel for April 15, 2019

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There is always something hopeful ad inspiring going on somewhere in the world to make our planet a better, greener, brighter place.  Here are five stories to dive into.

Extinction Rebellion want to get arrested to fight climate change.

BY Stephanie Bailey, 05/25/2019

Things are “heating up” as climate change awareness protestors commit to peaceful protest to get government officials to pay attention.

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climate change protest

Solar-powered moisture harvester collects and cleans water from the air.

Two researchers at the University of Austin Texas have developed a hydrogel that absorbs moisture out of the air, and when exposed to sunlight exudes it as clean, drinkable water.

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drinking water

Beyond Agroforestry? An Introduction to Syntropic Farming

By Julia Ruff

The concept of planting trees with other crops has been around for a long time. Ernst Götsch uses the principles of succession to maximize agroforestry’s potential for regeneration.

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Utility consortium to accelerate renewable energy adoption.

A French and a Japanese energy company are teaming up to help Mexico reach it’s renewable energy goals by 2024.

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My Annual Spring Homestead Chores

Homestead blogger Ann Marie shares with us her lists of chores she likes to complete each spring to set her homestead up for success the rest of the year.

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