Eco News Reel for April 8, 2019

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There is always something hopeful ad inspiring going on somewhere in the world to make our world a better, greener, brighter place.  Here are five stories to dive into.

Panamanian indigenous people act to protect the forest from invading loggers.

BY  ON 2 APRIL 2019

As the threat to virgin Panamanian rainforests grows, indigenous people from the area use technology, maps, and legislature to protect their ancestral lands.

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Creating Change on a Coffee Farm in Peru.

Here is a video from June 2018 of a coffee farmer in Peru who took degraded land and rehabilitated it be fertile with a high degree of biodiversity.  

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Cram more into your city vegetable garden!

By Benedict VanHeems

Do you live in an urban environment and would like to grow your own food? Check out this article from Mother Earth News about how to get the most out of small gardening spaces.

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urban gardening news

Norway Doubles Investment In Renewable Energy By Sovereign Wealth Fund


Norway is making huge strides in converting to renewable energy. From divesting from fossil fuels to pouring investments in the renewable energy sector, this Scandinavian country is on its way to true clean energy.

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A History of Sheep Ranching at Madrone Coast Farm

by May Reid-Marr

Sheep farming has slowly been making a comeback in the United States.  This sustainable, ethical practice holds great potential for a greener future.  Here is the story of Alison Charter-Smith as she learns more about raising sheep and integrating humans, animals, and the environment.

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