Let’s Rebuild our Ecosystem. Naturally

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Let’s face it: We’ve been born into a broken system. A system where we humans have found ourselves at odds with the balance of natural environment. Whether we want to or not, this system forces us to make decisions that have a negative impact on mother nature.
But let’s be honest; none of us wake up in the morning and think to ourselves, “I can’t wait to just DESTROY this stupid environment today.” right?
Still, with a quick scroll through social media we see articles from well-meaning environmental organizations that point the finger at us, the consumer. These articles often state that it is not just the action, but also the ignorance about X matter that is killing the planet. 
And because Ignorance = apathy, Apathy = murder, the consumer murder the planet every time we consume. SHAME!

We are the solution.

Let’s make a decision right now to stop feeling shameful and guilty for just living our lives. We’re not actively looking to hurt the planet or other people. We are not the problem. Believe it or not, we are the solution. Ecolantis knows this.
Ecolantis educates others in how to systematically bring themselves and their communities back into natural harmony with their local ecosystems. 
Ecolantis teaches about the invisible and broken system that is all around us, and provides practical ways to mend our relationship with nature on an individual, community, and global scale.
Ecolantis is a dynamic online community of information, resources, and discussion where people can learn more about practical (and often fascinating) eco-friendly practices they can engage in so we can begin to see that we humans are not a problem for the present, but the solution for the future.
There are answers, Mother Nature has them, and Ecolantis is here to translate. Together we will turn this broken system into an ecosystem.

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